3 Reasons Why Teenage Smoking is on the Rise

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The cigarette smoking among the teenagers is on the rise. Cigarette smoking is harmful, and this has posed a serious problem in the society. Here are the major reasons why teenage smoking in increasing. Smoking conceived as something ‘cool’ The 

3 Smoking Control Programs that are in Place in Singapore

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Smoking is something that harms both the smokers and non-smokers. To control smoking combined efforts from everyone is required. Here are some smoking control programs that can be implemented. Tobacco taxation These programs can be done in partnership with the 

3 Reasons Why Vaping Is Better Than Smoking

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Smoking kills about 6 million people every year. Vaping is an alternative to smoking and can improve your health. It has fewer amounts of chemicals than that’s present in tobacco smoke. So, it is less harmful than smoking. Vaping is 

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